We understand that users are wondering when the F*@K the second phase of the TagIt swap is going to happen. Yes unfortunately we have announced the start a few times but failed to actually start. We sincerely apologize about this and will be compensating ALL those who swap when the time comes swap value + %6 for loss of pos stake (so you will get all your missed stakes).

We have been waiting to see if CM will come back. CM unfortunately went down before they sent the swapped original TagIt back to us to burn / have control of.  If CM fails to return we will be forced to do the final swap on a 1 on 1 basis and swap will occur after YOUR address’s funds can be confirmed they did not originate from a CM wallet after 01/01/18 . Once confirmed swap will commence for that user.

We understand that this will be a huge hassle but its what we will do in order to make sure swap only occurs for USERS and not CM staff if they did do an exit scam.

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