Request photo edits

Do you need a Logo, banner for your project? Or maybe just want an awesome image edit?
We will take your idea, image or both and create a contest that draws individuals with all ranges of talents to compete by submitting edits of your logo, banner or image for a reward.

Forms of Payment

We Accept Bitcoin (BTC), Allion (ALL) & TagIt (IT).
We may accept other forms of payment. Inquire to find out.


(flat rates have not been decided yet so if inquiring about a logo design etc please give a reasonable offer. Please keep in mind that TagIt is a new site & service so offers may be declined until a large enough user base has been achieved to give good results on image request)


Next Steps...

Hit the Request Edit button select Request Edit catagory, describe your idea or concept and give a reasonable payment offer, Attach an image and submit!